Sol Search Solutions, LLC is a boutique executive search firm specifically designed to match high-quality candidates with leading technology businesses, financial services companies, and law firms.  Our foundering partners have decades of combined experience in the financial, military, and executive search industries, and know the importance of having the right person at the helm during a crisis, as well as how trust among team members is the sentinel in corporate security. We believe recruiting is a partnership and work with our clients each step of the process to ensure the shared vision is delivered.

S3 understands the importance of protecting a company’s physical, cyber, and information security, and focuses on pairing executives and professionals with institutions seeking to fulfill or strengthen its resilience requirements.  We simultaneously build teams to support those positions and place a premium on finding trusted and experienced professionals who will amplify a firm’s risk management protocol. 


S3 is global leadership partner, committed to providing first-class services around the globe – we understand businesses have rapidly evolving international demands and can quickly meet a firm’s needs to identify and place principled assets to carry out long or short term assignments.  We provide unparalleled customer service in pursuit of meeting our client’s needs and expectations.


Areas of focus:

  • Cyber Security
  • Information Security
  • IT Risk Management
  • Placement of Chief Security Officers
  • Information Technology  


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